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Are you tired of compromising on the quality of your structural steel fabrication projects? On-site fabrication methods can lead to prolonged construction timelines, errors, and increased costs, impacting the overall efficiency and safety of the project. At Nemx Skilled Trades, we fabricate off-site to minimize on-site disruptions and enhance erection speed, ultimately reducing construction timelines and costs. Utilizing a controlled environment for fabrication, we ensure superior quality, precision, and efficiency. Our team exceeds industry standards and specializes in fabricating and erecting structural steel for various sectors, including industrial, construction, residential, and manufacturing. Partner with Nemx Skilled Trades to experience the difference that off-site fabrication can make in streamlining your construction process.

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Our Fabrication Services

Walkways, Mezzanines, and Platforms

Elevate your space with custom-designed walkways, mezzanines, and platforms, tailored to your specifications and built to last.

Safety Fencing and Railings

Protect what matters most with our durable safety fencing and railings, designed to withstand the elements and keep your site secure.

Lifting Devices (Cranes & Mono Rails)

Efficiency meets reliability with our lifting devices, designed to streamline your operations and maximize productivity.

Stairs and Handrails

Safety meets style with our expertly crafted stairs and handrails, providing reliable access and protection for your employees and visitors.

Building Structures

From warehouses to commercial buildings, our structural steel fabrication expertise brings your architectural visions to life, ensuring strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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At Nemx Skilled Trades, we take pride in meticulously fabricating and erecting structural steel for a variety of sectors. Our controlled environment ensures unparalleled quality, precision, and speed, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your project’s success. We offer solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring your project stands strong, just like the steel we work with. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize the lifespan and performance of your industrial parts and equipment.

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