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Supervising Erection

Nemx Skilled Trades provides skilled and experienced professionals who focus on getting the job done safely and on time, so give us a call today at 1-519-650-9211.

Fabrication, Millwrighting, Rigging, Welding and Maintenance


MillWrightingWe provide skilled and experienced millwrights who specialize in the installation, maintenance and rebuilding of equipment in the industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage, grain and mineral industries. We work safely and diligently to maintain a time efficient schedule to get your machinery back to making you money.

Examples of our millwrighting services include:

  • Plant shut downs
  • Production line up grades, overhauls, installations & relocation’s
  • Packaging equipment maintenance & trouble shooting
  • Complete conveyor servicing and installations
  • Fans, coupling alignments, vibration and root cause analysis
  • Mechanical power transmission installations, maintenance, upgrades & repairs
  • Maintenance assistance

Structural Fabrication and Erection

Nemx ErectionWe fabricate and erect structural steel for the industrial, construction and manufacturing sectors. We fabricate in a controlled environment which ensures high quality, improved precision and enhanced erection speed on the construction site.

Structural Fabrication includes but not limited to;

  • Walkways and platforms
  • Stairs and hand rails
  • Fencing and gates
  • Building structures
  • Specialty (specific use fab, engineered rigging set ups etc.)

Custom fabrication in carbon and stainless steel and aluminum

Custom-Fabrication-ServicesOur custom fabrication services all areas of the industrial, manufacturing, construction, agricultural, food and beverage and mineral industries. We can either fabricate from your drawings or we can help you through from the design stage, to fabrication, to the installation of your fabricated piece.

We also offer trouble shooting and project development services that benefit our clients by bringing a different perspective to your design table. This service is designed to find a solution to your problem, fast!

Examples of our custom fabrication are, but not limited to:

  • Conveyor systems and conveyor retrofitting
  • Machinery parts and add-ons
  • Screens, grizzly’s and shakers
  • Safety fencing, guarding and railing
  • You name it, we build it!

CWB Certified Welding

CWB CertifiedNemx Skilled Trades is proud to be CWB certified in CSA W47.1 in the GMAW and SMAW processes. We have highly trained certified welders who are passionate about quality and welding process knowledge. It is our policy that our welding machines are calibrated quarterly and inspected daily before use. This combination helps provide welds that are free from distortion, porosity and cracks.

All of our welds are examined to ensure that no discontinuity exists.

Our intention is to produce beautiful and functioning welds that are a staple to the quality standards that Nemx Skilled Trades achieves.


Nemx’s riggers work together as a cohesive team. Knowing that there is a potentially dangerous nature to rigging, an environment of trust among our riggers is essential to completing the job safely and to achieve our high standard of quality. Big lifts to small lifts, we approach them with the same safe and quality oriented attitude that gets the job done right, the first time!

We rig in the manufacturing, construction, industrial, mineral processing, food and beverage, and anywhere else rigging is required.

Machinery Rebuilding

Nemx Machinery MaintIf your machinery is breaking down continually and costing you loads of down time perhaps it’s time you considered a rebuild. Rebuilding can deliver a substantial improvement in quality, speed and durability at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

We can operate at your location or remove the machinery from site to our facility, strip it down and rebuild it so it works to its optimal operating capacity.

Examples of what we rebuild;

  • Production machinery
  • Conveyors (screws, belt, roller, line shafting, vibrating tables, table top, bucket elevator or other)
  • Drive transmission equipment
  • Pumps, blowers and fans
  • Packaging equipment
  • Screens, shakers or grizzly’s

Machinery Maintenance

Looking after your investments is your top priority which makes it ours. Our team of talent can perform preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance and emergency maintenance tasks.

If you have a preventive maintenance program and you find yourself falling behind we can help you catch up through adding in our manpower. We are accustomed to fine details and know that a good maintenance program is only as good as the reporting that is done before, during and after the maintenance tasks are performed.

If you are in need of a maintenance program for your machinery or production line, we can help you create a program that will organize your tasks and minimize your down time by optimizing everyone’s time throughout your maintenance department.

A good maintenance program saves time and money!

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