Eric our owner started the company with his wife Nina, in 2015. Their vision was build a business to provide opportunity to tradesmen to work in an integral, safety first, inclusive and respectful environment, while providing a customer focused service with top quality products that everyone involved is proud of.

They both love challenges and hard to reach goals. They are prideful of what Nemx is; however this pride does not come from any accomplishments or big projects  completed but from the journey the company has taken. Being a part of a team that overcomes obstacles, succeeds together and ultimately grows strong is the true worth of ownership.

The company started in 2015 with a truck, a welder and was driven by honesty and integrity. The very first shop although small, 700 Sq. feet provided them with the footprint needed to start the business. Within a year they moved to a newer location giving the company 1200 Sq. feet to work with. While at this location, the business expanded and increased their footprint to 2400 Sq. feet, by knocking down walls and expanding into other units. As the business grew so did their workforce. They soon realized that more space would be needed, and by the middle of June 2018, the business had moved into its current location: 360 Montrose Street North, Unit 3, taking up 10,000 sq ft.

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